"Bible Chronology" (published in April, 1974). Part II - Bible Geometry
Ezek. 40-48
The prophet Ezekiel received the vision of the Temple. He at a time was exactly acquainted with the construction and the dimensions of temple (See drafts: No. X and No. XII).
The description of the whole is contained in chapters 40-48 of the prophecy of Ezekiel. Let's draw our attention to some of the dimensions mentioned there.
Ezek. 41:4
From the book of prophet Ezechiel (41:4) we learned about two dimensions of the Most Holy: the length and width, 20 x 20 cubits.
These dimensions are compatible with suitable dimensions of the Temple of Salomon, therefore all what was said about the "Most Holy" of Salomon's Temple, also relates to the "Most Holy" of the Temple described by Ezekiel.
Let's take notice to one more measure relating to the both Temples.
The diagonal of the floor of the "Most Holy" contains in oneself 198 palms (after rounding the number 197,9899), what shows on the year 1980 in scale 1:10 (Look draft No. XI). Draft No. XI. 


The largest area from the whole terrain of God's Sanctuary occupied the Outer Court. This court together with the pavement which surrounded it, was on the lowest level of it. The Outer Court represents the Restitution of the world.
The Inner Court, together with the pavement, which was around it, was laid higher and represents the condition of the Great Company.
The platform, on which there were the "Holy" and the "Most Holy," was laid on the highest and therefore represents condition of the glorified Christ (Look drafts: No. X and No. XII).


In the middle of the whole land divided between tribes, in the middle of the priestly land, in the middle of God's Sanctuary and in the middle of the Inner Court there was the Brazen Altar (look drafts: No. XIII and No. XIV).
All the gates of the Court, the inner and outer doors of the Sanctuary, pointed out on the Altar. The Brazen Altar represents the human nature of the Christ, which was laid down as the sacrifice for sins.
The threefold layers of the pedestal-blocks, on which the Altar stood, represent the great exaltation of the sacrifice of Christ. 
Ezek. 45:2
The whole terrain of the God's Sanctuary had the shape of the perfect quadrangle 500 x 500 cubits, therefore the Brazen Altar, raised greatly, was placed at the point of crossing of its diagonals (Look draft No. XV).
The length of every of the diagonals was 19800 fingers (after rounding the number 19798, 99), what shows on the date 1980 in the scale 10:1.

Ezek. 40:47
The Inner Court had shape of the square, of which dimensions were 100 x 100 cubits (Look draft No. XVI).
Diagonals of the Court crossed in the place where the raised Brazen Altar stood.
The length of every of diagonals were 3960 fingers (after rounding the number 3959,798), showing in this way on the quantity of years from uniting Isaac and Rebecca, till uniting Christ with the Church.
The halfs of diagonals are 1980 fingers long.


Gen. 6:15
The ark built by Noah has the highly symbolic meaning in the Scripture. Our Lord was talking about it, when He illustrated the final times (Luke 17:26, 27). Apostle Peter also mentions it, when he says, that it represents Christ to whom ones can come in through the only door – the baptism into Christ (1 Pet. 3:19-21).
The size of the ark were enumerated in the God's decree, therefore we can expect, that they contain chronological truths relating to the Christ's class.
Dimensions of the Ark given in cubits:
The length  – 300 cubits
The width     – 50 cubits
The height   – 30 cubits
This was probably the rectangular chest, designed only to keep on the surface of water, able to hold in itself great quantity of living creations and food.
Here is the capacity of the Ark, like also mathematical dependence of its dimensions:
300  x  50  x  30  =  450000 cubits2
The number 450000 portrays us the proper number in the scale 70:1:
450000  :  70  = 6428,57 practically 6429
The number 6429 consists of following numbers:
The mentioned composition of numbers above is very meaningful because, beside the date of the flood, the dates of the entry into the antitypical Ark, that is Christ, are showed in it.

Rev. 14:18-20
"The treading of the winepress is the last feature of harvest work. The reaping and gathering is all done first. So this treading of the winepress of the wrath of God into which 'the vine of the earth' (the false vine which has misappropriated the name Christian and Christ's Kingdom) is cast when its iniquitous clusters are fully ripe (Rev. 14:18-20), represents the last work of this eventful 'harvest' period. It pictures to our minds the last features of the great time of trouble which shall involve all nations, and of which we are so abundantly forewarned in the Scriptures" (Volume IV, page 18).
The blood, which was going out from the winepress, overflowed around and created the disk, which radius was 1600 furlongs.
This time we meet with another geometrical figure – the disk. So we again will look how to understand the lesson which God contained in a given in such a way instruction – on the way of geometrical considerations.
Since the radius of the disk is known, and equals 1600 furlongs, then its circumference is 10053,1 furlongs long (Look draft No. XVII).
If we create the quadrangle from the circumference of this disk – the square, then the length of its side will be 2513,27, meanwhile the diagonal – 3554,31.
The length of the side of the square points out on the quantity of years from the release of the edict about the construction of the temple by Cyrus (536,25 B.C.) till to the end of High Calling, pictured through the Sarah’s death (1977 A.D.)
2513,27  –  536,25 = 1977,02 practically – 1977
(Look Volume III, page 211)

The length of the diagonal of the square points out to the quantity of years from the entry of the Jewish nation to the Promised Land in the spring of the year 1575 B.C. (1574,75) till to entry of the last members of Christ's body (antitypical Israel) into the heaven (antitypical Canaan) in the year 1980.
3554,31  –  1574,75  =  1979,56 practically – 1980
After taking the whole Church beyond the "second veil", the "winepress of God's wrath" will execute destruction, which was depicted in flood and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Luke. 17:26-30).
The length of the radius of the disk of the winepress, which was 1600 furlongs, is a special dimension. Let’s underline this with the observation: the enlargement of this radius by one furlong causes only that the side of the square would be 2514.84 furlongs, and its diagonal – 3556.53 furlongs, and so the obtainment of the proper numbers would not be possible.
Rev. 21:16
New Jeruzalem descending from the heaven from God represents Bride, the Wife of the Lamb (verse 9).
This holy city was showed to John in the form of cube, the edges of which were 12000 furlongs long.
The "furlong" was the Greek measure defining length of the Athenian sport stadium, which was 400 cubits long.
Twelve thousands of furlongs equals near 2220 kilometres. In this gigantic solid geometric, representing the perfection through the quadrangles of all walls, we can find out the numbers of the Church. Length of all 12 edge of the cube were 144000 furlongs:
12  x  12000  =  144000
In Rev. 7:4-8, it was showed the 12 tribes of sons of Israel, of which every one counted the 12000 sealed; what gives in total also the number 144000.
The angel, who measured New Jeruzalem, used the golden reed. Cubits of this reed were of "the measure of a man." The Angel made the similar work, as made the man who presented measurements of God's Sanctuary to prophet Ezekiel. Therefore details relating to the measuring-rod in the book of Ezekiel surely relate also to the "measured reed," which used the Angel measuring the Holy City, New Jeruzalem.
One and the second of them used the "the measure of a man", anatomical, based on human elbow enlarged by a handbreadth. This measure consisted of the six such cubits – temple's cubits (Ezek. 40:3, 5; 43:13).
The longest dimension of this gigantic cube, the next most perfect solid after sphere, is its the diagonal spatial (See draft No. XVIII).

The furlong consists of 400 common-cubits. If we would measure spatial diagonal by the reed having 6 temple-cubits, then its length would be 7126152 temple-cubits.
The length of the spatial diagonal contains in itself, after rounding, the quantity of days in 1980 years, in the scale 10:1.
To the calculation it was taken a year consisting of 360 days, according to the prophetic method of the Scripture (Rev. 11:2; 12:6, 14; 13:5).
7126152 / 360  x  10  =  1979.486
The "intention" of the number 1979.486, the most clearly shows on the year 1980, as the date, in which 144000 members of the Church, showed in the length all edges of the cube, will be to raised to the reign with Christ as the wife of Lamb.
"In this aspect of its teaching, the Great Pyramid, viewed from without, has a beautiful significance, representing the plan of God completed, as it shall be at the end of the Millennial age. The crowning feature will be Christ, the acknowledged Head over all; and each other stone will be fitly framed into the glorious building, complete and perfect. (...)
The pyramid figure represents perfection and completeness, and speaks to us in symbol of the plan of God, showing that 'in the dispensation of the fulness of times, he will gather together [into one harmonious family, though on different planes of being], under one Head, all things in heaven and on earth, under Christ' – all not being conformable being cut off (Eph. 1:10; 2:20-22 Diaglott)." (Volume III, pages 328 and 330)
Looking on the Great Pyramid from the north side, the south side, the east side or west side, we see the great triangle. The basis of this triangle, according to the basic data, is 9131.054875 pyramidal inches long, meanwhile the angle of his top is 76 degree, 17 minutes and 31.4 second.
If we designate the circle that touches all the three tops of this great triangle, then his circumference it in pyramidal inches (p.i.) would show us the number 2953 (after rounding the number 2952.72) in the scale 10:1 (Look drawing No. XIX).
The building of antitypical "Great Pyramid" began from Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord. Previously thrown aside, as the "Corner Stone," He became the "Top Stone," and, as the "Head-stone of the Great Pyramid," was raised to the glory – the level "K" in the spring 33 A.D. (32,25).
(Look Isa. 28:16; Zech. 4:7; Job. 38:6, 7; Psa. 118:22-24; Matt. 21:42, 44; The Plan of the Ages, pyramid "k", on plane K, Volume I, page 219)
The number 2953, obtained as the length of the circumference shows on the quantity of years from exaltation of "Top Stone" (32.25), until completing of the whole "Pyramid," through restoration to the unity with the "Head" of the whole mankind during Restitution ( 2985).

If we will put in our calculation the year 33 as first, then the calculation will be as follows:
32  +  2953  =  2985  or  1984  +  1000  +  1

The basis of The Great pyramid is the square. Length of the diagonal of this square according to the basic data is 12913.2616 p.i.
If we will inscribe the square of the basis of The Great pyramid to the circle (Look drawing No. XX), then quantity of pyramidal inches being comprised in circumference of such circle will show on the number 4057 (after rounding the number 4056.82), in the scale 10:1.
The number 4057 points out the quantity of years, from the beginning of David’s reign over Israel (1072 B.C.) till to 2985 A.D.
4057  –  1072  =  2985  or  1984  +  1000  +  1
The two examples, above mentioned, show that the basis of the Great Pyramid marks dates on the Divine Plan Ages contained in her construction, and in this way it is pointing out to Restitution beginning after the great tribulation (1984 + 1000 + 1).

The pyramidal inch is the basic unit of measurement in the Great Pyramid.
The word "Pyramid" originate from two words of following meaning: "pyr" (peres) – the division and "met" – 10.
So then principal number of the Great Pyramid is "10," meanwhile the number "5" are its component figure (5 + 5 = 10).
The pyramid possesses 5 corners, 5 surface, 5 corridors and 5 chambers, in this: King's Chamber, Ante-Chamber, Queen's Chamber, Subterranean Chamber and Reccess next to the Subterranean Chamber. The Queen's Chamber lies on 25 (5 x 5 = 25) the layer, and King's Chamber on 50 the layer. The pyramidal cubits possesses 25 p.i. (5 x 5 = 25).
In the Ante-Chamber, there is "Boss" formed at the "Granite Leaf" of the 5 inches width and 25 inches length, and the centre of this ledge is in the distance 5 x 5 = 25 p.i. from the eastern edge of the stone. In the Queen's Chamber, the central line of the "Niche" is exactly 25 pyramidal inches to the south of the central line of the east wall. The south wall of the Ante-Chamber is divided on 5 part. Wanting to enter the King's Chamber, you should stoop before the mysterious five.
The 100 granite blocks, which compose walls of the King's Chamber, are built in five equal layers. The lowest of these 5 layers is sunk 5 inches below the floor level. The number 100 (10 x 10 = 100) defines the mathematical correlation of the dimensions of the King's Chamber.
"Chambers of Construction," which there are over the King's Chamber, have this feature that their ceilings are flat and polished, meanwhile their floors are very uneven and raw (Look drawing No. XXI).
Phenomenon of these four additional flat ceilings, arranged in parallel over the King's Chamber, clearly suggests, that you should multiply the area of the ceiling of the King's Chamber by mysterious figure "5."
We will treat this enriched area, containing the area of the King's Chamber and the area of these additional ceilings, as its property.

The meaning of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid is the same, as the Most Holy in the Tabernacle and all others Temples on its example been built. (See Volume III, page 355-357)
As already we know, the Most Holy was the perfect solid geometric – the cube, being formed exclusively from quadrangles symbolizing perfection.
If we would treat this diagonal as the diameter of the circle, then the length of this circle is 1980 p.i. (after rounding the number 1979,967). (Look draft No. XXII)

The Great Constructor informs in this way the called up pilgrims climbing on the slippery but how splendid "Grand Gallery," that the achievement of the condition of the "King's Chamber" in year 1980 will be the end of their long pilgrimage. (Look Volume III, page 347-355)

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