How prophecies of the 1974 have been fulfilled? – today's comment     The birth, development, final elevation and fall of Antichrist   At first Christian churches, even when Apostles lived yet, appeared the tendencies among the God's people, to swagger, to receive honour from one another and tyrannize over those who were allotted to their care. Apostles were counteracting these tendencies, but after their death, more and more quick the going away from Jesus primitive principles started. Only few among disciples of Christ made up their minds to wait for his second arrival faithfully. Majority of the Christ believers decided to use the strength of the Gospel to the acquiring of wealth, power and influences. The rulers of the Roman empire accepted the new religion in the place of paganism and in the after-effect of this they invited persecuted so far Christians to their palaces. Christ usual brothers, the oblivious his warning not to call any man on earth "father" (Matt. 23:9), they began quickly to become transformed in the fathers, reverend ones, the Right Reverend ones and the Right Reverend bishop ones. Gradual emerging at communities of Christian congregations the dividing into clergy and laymen was favourable to the arising in the church ...more

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